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Neutrois, Pangendered, Intersexed, Eunuch, and Othergendered

Intersexed Society of North America An education, advocacy, and peer support organization for intersexed persons.
BME/Extreme A large eunuch (and body modification) archive. Members only. Do not visit if graphic images upset you, or you are under legal age for viewing sexually oriented materials.
The Eunuch Archive Contains archive index, discussion forums, Java/IRC chat gateway, and fiction. Sexually frank content. Do not visit if you're easily offended or under legal age.
Androgyne Online  


Brain Food

Gianna E. Israel Gender Library A collection of her articles on Transgender issues. Many topics are available.
Gender & Sexuality A list of online articles relating to gender, sexuality, feminism, media, and other topics. Housed on The English Server.
Psychiatric Aspects of Sex Reassignment Surgery Short article by Charles Mate-Kole and Maurizio Freschi. Kept at House of Sissify. Sissify's Staff mention that it is older, though the date published is not listed.
CDS Bookstand A source for TG-related books, and some publications you might not find at Amazon.


Diagnosis, Therapy, Hormones, and Surgery

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Organization started to reduce homophobia in the medical profession. Offers a physician referral database for patients seeking G/L/B/T-friendly doctors in their regions.
Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc.  
HBIGDA Standards of Care  
Waiting for Antidepressants to Work Because therapy sometimes includes antidepressant prescriptions; here are a number of things to do to stay okay for the long period between starting a medication and the time it begins to work.
Sex Reassignment Resources Compiled by Anne Lawrence. Contains information on numerous surgeons, as well as experience summaries written by patients. MTF-oriented.
Tripping the Light Fantastic An article by Dallas Denny on staying sane and whole during gender transition.
Montreal Gender Reassignment Surgery Center Very popular providers of sexual reassignment surgery for both FTMs and MTFs. Describes care options, program requirements, and available surgical procedures. Note that this site is included only as a source of information on sexual reassignment surgery techniques. It is not intended as an endorsement for the center. The Montreal Gender Reassignment Surgery Center strictly adheres to the HBIGDA Standards of Care and refuses to work with Neutrois patients, as a result.


Transgender Resources & Communities

Support Group Database Search Form Database hosted by Transgender Forum.
Ingersoll Gender Center Seattle, WA
Los Angeles Gender Center Los Angeles, CA
More Community Centres  



Remembering our Dead An online memorial dedicated to transgendered hate crime victims.
International Foundation for Gender Education  
Press for Change A UK Transgender civil rights and education organization.
Gender Public Advocacy Coalition An American national political lobby operating on behalf of gender, and racial equality.
GEA Homepage
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Promoting quality healthcare for the GLBT and HIV+ communities since 1981. Offers physician referral database for patients, publications, and advocacy for patients and HIV+ healthcare workers.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force A trans-inclusive gay and lesbian grassroots organization.


Email Discussion Lists

eGroups Membership host for a huge number of online discussion lists. A bunch of GLBT lists are housed here including two Neutrois/Othergendered lists and a list for Eunuchs. Click on the button to subscribe to the mailing list associated with this site.
Queernet Host for a variety of GLBT lists.


Other Cool Places on the Web

Genderfork A cool place on the web where people voice their opinions and experiences with gender.
Rainbow Query A GLBT online search engine.
PrideLinks GLBT Search Engine with over 8000 links.
Queer Resources Directory Not as splashy as Rainbow Query, but worth a search.
TransGenderGuide TG resources and information.
TransGendeRing Established in 1996, Global TransGendeRing is the largest TG web ring on the web. It presently links over 1000 TG websites from around the world. To begin surfing the ring, go to the bottom of our index page and click the links.
Transgender Forum A commercial transgender site, providing a forum, shopping, and resources.
GenderTalk A weekly worldwide radio program discussing transgender issues from a first-person perspective. Part of a huge GLBT online community. Also the new home of OnQ and the Transgender Community Forum (formerly housed on AOL). Features free email, resources, links, message boards, real time chat, and shopping. Hosted by Note that the TCF files from AOL were erased, rather than relocated. Hopefully,'s TG members will help rebuild this greatly missed resource.
Planet Out GLBT online community that is similar to A version of it can also be found on AOL at keyword: PNO. Movie buffs, be sure to visit PopcornQ!
TransWorld at QWorld Global online TG community since December, 1996. Features resources, discussion boards, and irc for TGs, friends, and significant others. Hosted by QWorld.
Songweaver Formerly Blur your Gender. This site features the Page of Rage (devoted to reports of crimes against members of the TG community), the Gender Quiz, various essays on TG issues and gender identity, as well as links to TG newsgroups and mailing lists. This site is a good source for links and brain chow.
Transsexual Woman's Resources MTF resource information compiled by Anne Lawrence.
FTM International Organized by, and for, the FTM community. A good starting point for online FTM resource searches.
House of Sissify Sissy, sassy, online MTF TG/CD funhouse.


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