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Whether you're Neutrois, Othergendered, Pangendered, FTM, MTF, or just someone looking to understand, we'll endeavor to answer your questions and provide resources to aid you in your gender quest. Come on in and look around.

While we built this site to provide information and signifier techniques for the Neutrois community, we also acted on another motive. Our purpose (beyond living free of irrational and inapplicable gender categories), is to establish for the gender community, surgical practitioners, and psychiatrists, that we EXIST. It is our wish that members of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association recognize the following:

While some may find being non-gendered a temporary stopping point in their transition; the Neutrois identity does NOT come from fear of being transgendered. It also doesn't come from confusion with regard to male and female gender identities.

Gender identity is not, and should not, be limited to stereotypical definitions of male or female.

Forced conformity to standardized male or female gender behavior should never be used as a prerequisite for FTM, MTF, Neutrois, Bigendered, Pangendered, or Othergendered gender trait modification.

Our bodies and gender identities belong to ourselves. The decision to pursue gender trait modification, as well as the degree of modification needed, is solely owned by the individual seeking treatment. If we do not identify as either male, or female, we should not be forced to accept the baggage that comes with full transition to either male, or female genders.


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