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Gender Play Items

Shopping for your GenderPunk Toybox?

Okay, so you've been non-gendered for a while and you're looking to spice things up. Feel like putting-on-the-man, for the night? Is mom coming to visit before you're ready to explain your new flat chest? Headed to that club on 57th and need some grope candy? This page is dedicated to items people like to use for signifier play. After all, it's more fun when it's detachable!

Breast Forms

Breast forms come in a huge variety of choices. Silicon forms are considered the most realistic in that they warm to body temperature, are close in weight to the real thing, and the 'act' right. Attachable versions are forms which are glued to the chest, while non-attached ones ride in the bra. They also can come with, or without nipples. Visit some of the sites below for more information and examples of what is available.

Breast Form FAQ Descriptions on different types of breast forms, fitting tips, and breast form care.
Beauty Form Breast Enhancers These are designed to make what you already have look larger.
The Treasure Chest TG Friendly. Attachable and non-attachable breast forms and nipples. Expensive.
Lucy's Boutique TG friendly. Carries a large selection of breast forms to choose from.


These are items commonly used to fill out the crotch region for a male look. Some are made realistic enough to pass for real both in appearance and feel. When packing, if you want to look realistic, keep the package smallish... unless you're cruising the Castro for guys.

Good Vibrations Carries the Cyber Skin Packer for about $10.00. The mini is the most realistic for packing. It's a pretty amazing stuffer for the price.
Toys in Babeland Carries the Pack-n-Play (more of a toy, not realistic as a stuffer), and the Softie.
Camouflage Prosthetics Very realistic stuffers designed for the FTM community. Available in erect and flaccid models. Expensive.
Phallusprosthesis made by P. de Nijs. Comes with or without prosthetic scrotum. Expensive.


Mostly these are modified panty girdles and corsets which bind your body in certain places, while padding other spots. The ones that are used to fill out hip and buttock appearance are also called 'bumpers.'

Lee's Mardi Gras Boutique - Source for gaffs, padded briefs, a variety of breast forms, and other items for signifier play. As of May 19, 2000; Lee's Mardi Gras Online Boutique is closed until further notice. Presently, the website stands as a memorial the death of drag queen, and activist, Lee G. Brewster. We at Neutrois Outpost are saddened by Lee's passing and offer our condolences to all who knew the First Lady of Drag.

Lola Inc. MTF TG Online store carrying breast forms, lingerie, shoes, makeup, dresses, and wigs.
Transformations MTF TG/TV online store with breast forms, shape enhancers (padding), lingerie, clothing, and footwear.
Super Shapers Underwear designed to enhance male buttock shape. Also available with endowment padding for the crotch.


Dressing for signifier play is pretty much open field. Few rules apply, though some stick to the drag tradition and go either camp, or glam. Others go leather, punk, goth, or all of the above.

FTM Informational Network Great place to look for tips and resources on dressing for the short male. Also has information on binding and other topics.
Adventures in Boyland Features a humorous coaching section on dressing like a guy.
House of Sissify Sissy, sassy, MTF TV/TG online funhouse.

And for all you Goths and GenderPunks...

Retail Slut GenderPunk/Punk/Funk/Poseur/Goth/Fetish/Trash Fashion Headquarters. A great raid to be had by all.
Lip Service More Phunky Phashions.
Ipso Facto Gothic Vinyl Fetish paradise.
Sexy Fetish Shoes & Boots Handmade shoes and boots for all genders (despite what the URL spells).


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