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Isn't this just another name for androgyne? No. While Neutrois seek an androgynous appearance, androgynes aren't Neutrois because being Neutrois involves gender dysphoria. Androgynes don't necessarily have any difficulties with their gender identities.
What are those symbols at the left side of your pages? The symbols are designed to work within the gender symbol set, and to represent gender-null. The triangle, that the larger circle nests in, represents pride in the knowledge of who we are.
Which pronouns do Neutrois prefer? That's a better question to ask the particular person you're speaking with. While some prefer genderless pronouns, others are fine with gendered pronouns. Some even turn pronoun usage into a game and let the situation/other person apply the pronoun.
Where does 'Neutrois' come from? Who coined it? H. A. Burnham described hirself as a non-gendered class, in 1995. Ze formed it to give a name to hirself, and other people with feelings of gender absence and resulting misalignment.
How do other TGs view Neutrois? Some are fine with it and consider it another facet of the gender spectrum. Others may be threatened by it. This could be due to a number of things. One is that they completely invested themselves in stereotypical definitions of gender identity and behaviors. These people are extremely uncomfortable with anyone who refuses to live the same way they do. Another reason is that they accepted implied behavior requirements from therapists, lived according to stereotypes, and either resent anyone who doesn't have to conform to all the prerequisites that they did, or believe we're out to screw things up for others seeking sexual reassignment surgery.
Do any activist organizations welcome Neutrois? Though not always true, organizations which welcome transgendered members (or are comprised of them), may welcome Neutrois to the ranks. Check out attitudes and ask around. See the links page for a few good organizations to check out.
If this is a TG site, why does the links page include Eunuch stuff? There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that some MTNs desire penile and testicular nullification. Eunuchs would have information on not only the procedure, but which practitioners perform them (since not many advertise). Some Eunuchs also have writings on why they chose nullification, what their procedures involved, and what their lives are like afterward.
Are there any books written about Neutrois? No, but there are books which explore gender identities outside the binary gender system. See the book list for some recommended titles.
Where can I find more information on the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association and on the Standards of Care? Visit the links page and scroll down to find links to the HBIGDA and SOC.
What modifications to the Standards of Care would benefit Neutrois? Mostly we'd like to see things opened up. Instead of uniformly forcing every transgendered person to fit stereotypical guidelines for what is and is not transgendered, give the gender identity, definitions, and decision back to the patient. If, for example, someone has desired having hir breasts removed for over a year, and consistently expressed it, that should be enough justification for the procedure to be performed. It should also be stressed that feminizing/masculinizing hormone therapy should never be required of patients who only desire breast removal, or penectomy, as opposed to sexual reassignment surgery. Even with total oophorectomy, or orchidectomy, feminizing/masculinizing therapy must be optional, with only the minimum levels of hormone replacement required for maintaining health and bone density.
Where can I find information on gender therapists and support groups? You can try looking through your phone book for support groups & therapists who work with gender. You might also find suggestions at a local gay and lesbian community center, or a college campus with a gay and lesbian student group. There are a number of resources on the web, and even a few on our links page.
If I find something that might help other Neutrois, can I submit it to this website? Certainly. Feel free to visit the feedback page and send it our way. If it's helpful, we'll add it to Neutrois Outpost.



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